Owner Builder Advantages: The Choice is Clear

Owner Built Custom Homes will walk you through the process of building your custom home, from site preparation through completion. We show our clients how to obtain a detailed budget estimate, provide competitive rate financing and a list of suppliers. Owner Builder networks for you to get great discounted rates on suppliers and contractors to help you be your own builder and build your very own dream home!

You control the quality of material and workmanship in your new home. There are many companies to choose from when building your home, however Owner Builder Custom Homes takes pride in being a company that will be there for you. We will remain involved in your home building process until you become comfortable in your new home. We believe that you, the homeowner are our greatest asset.

About Us

Owner Built Custom Homes was founded in Houston, Texas in 2001 it has established itself as the premier home construction consulting company. Affiliate Owner Built Custom Homes and Built Green Custom Homes companies serve other parts of Texas.

 We offer:

  • A Proven Program That Has Saved Owner Builders Thousands Of Dollars
  • Preferred Mortgage Company for Construction Loans (Up to 100% financing)
  • Great Interest Rates on Construction Loans and final Mortgages
  • Detailed Construction Manual exclusively for Owner Builders
  • Extensive Line-Item Budget using your Hard Bids
  • Most Cost Effective owner builder program in America!

Look at what other Owner-Builders have to say about our program . . .

"I built a 4000 sq. ft. home with 1600 sq. ft. of garage "5 car garage and 28 ft boat garage" along with 400 sf of porches. My land cost $115,000.00 and the construction cost including bank closing cost with $340,000.00. My appraisal was $625,000.00, that is a net equity of $170,000.00! That is a lot of money to earn in 5 months. The new owner built home is in Bender's Landing Estates in Houston,TX." (2011 Pricing)
~M. Collin

"The owner builder program does work! The cost savings were significant. If there was something we needed, they bent over backwards to help us out. Communicating by e-mail and phone was a breeze. I have never had a higher paying hourly job. For a few hours each week we saved over $30,000." 
~Ron & Laura Krewson

"We were so pleased with our experience at Owner Builder Custom Homes, that we referred our daughter and son-in-law to build their home with OBCH."
~Brian and Jan Joplin

"The thought of building our own home was intimidating to say the least. We were amazed by their professionalism and knowledge. The fact that they are also custom home builders was what convinced us to go forward. We are now in our new home, saved over $80,000 and could still afford Viking appliances, all granite countertops, real wood floors and an incredible outdoor kitchen."
~Al and Renee Cooper