Top 4 reasons to build your own home

Building your home can be daunting, but why hand the reins over to a custom home builder and sit back and watch it be built like every other cookie cutter house? You can watch someone else build your dream home, or you can save money and get the customization you are looking for by getting involved yourself. Here are some reasons to stick it out and do it yourself. Who doesn't like to be in control?

Save Money

Building your own home can save you lots of money. Home builders can stand to save 15%-25% on the builder fee alone, as well as saving on materials and other items down the line. When all is said and done, most of our customers have 20% equity in their new home, with many having much more.

Some of our owner builders save money all the way down the line, saving on kitchen appliances, light fixtures, and other installations that vary in price. Saving money doesn’t mean you get a cheaper house out of it: some of our customers view it as being able to afford 20%+ more house!


Custom, custom, custom. Even if what you are looking for is amenities that are available in many places, you get to choose your layout, your bathtub, your fixtures, and make everything unique for you. A builder’s model home is a good start for some, but most people have ideas to integrate into their new home that makes it personal for them and their lives. Adding these things into a cookie cutter builder’s plan can cost twice as much as planning them into a custom home of your own.

Choose your Lot

Okay, you do get to choose your lot in some neighborhoods that have the same 5 houses built repetitively down every street, but you truly get to choose your lot. Any neighborhood, any size. Isn’t the number one rule of real estate location, location, location? Now you have complete power over where your dream house will be. Build your own dream home on your own dream lot!

Owner Builder Texas is there to Help you

With resources like Owner Built Custom Homes and Owner Builder Texas there to help you, anyone can build their own home! Owner Builder’s greatest asset is its satisfied customers, and they will be there every step of the way to walk you through this amazing process to get you the dream home you have always wanted.

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