Why Choose Us?

There "is" simply no better Owner-Builder program in America! Our competition does not like us! The major companies that offer Owner-Builder services and financing are COBS Homes, UBuildit, American Home Partners, and a few smaller, lesser-known companies.

When you call our competitors, be sure to ask about:

  • Their total fee for the program        
  • Requirements for using their designers, subcontractors and /or material suppliers
  • Restrictions on type of construction
  • Other restrictions that limit your choices
  • Years experience, certifications and education, awards, etc.

When you work with us, you receive:

  • Up front program pricing on this site - no hidden costs!
  • Building support staff
  • Consultation during key phases of your construction project
  • No requirements to use our designers, subcontractors, and/or material suppliers
  • No national partnerships that you must buy their products
  • 100% financing for land, construction cost, permits and closing cost for qualified borrowers. Our consulting fee, site work, fencing, etc. can be included in the loan.