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Looking for answers? Owner Builder Texas is here to help. We are available Monday through Friday to answer any question you have, email us or give us a call. Want to research a little more on your own first? Maybe some of these Frequently Asked Questions we have encountered will help you with some of the questions you may have about the owner builder process and how to get started.

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Am I limited to building on certain lots?

No, you are not limited through our Owner Builder Program, however you must be sure that you can build on the lot you choose. The best place to start for answers to questions about your lot is your local building department or HOA.
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As owner builder, can I choose to build any kind of home?

As owner builder, can I choose to build any kind of home?. One of the benefits when you build your own home is that you get to make all the decisions of how it is built. Traditional wood construction or energy efficient ICF (insulated concrete form)? You, as owner builder, get to decide. Owner Builder Texas offers thousands of free house plans to choose from, allowing for varying home size, proper
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Can I get "contractor prices" on building materials?

The short answer is Yes. The more complex answer is that there is no fixed discount called "contractor pricing." If you buy a trainload of material you could expect a better discount than if you are buying a small amount. Most small contractors build one or two homes a year and for most purposes you will be treated in that same category by vendors and subcontractors. One of the benefits of working
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Do I have to use your suppliers?

No, you can use any suppliers you want. We encourage you to shop around for the best deals, both locally and via the internet for everything from lumber to bathroom fixtures. A little effort on your part can save you a substantial amount of extra money. You are also free to use any one of the many alternative building suppliers available – such as panelized homes, concrete form construction, log h
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How do I write a contract with a sub-contractor?

The owner-builder must be especially careful when signing contracts with sub-contractors. You must be sure that you are being protected. You can have your attorney write your contracts or you can use the one that we supply. Our package also includes useful worksheets that help you plan and build your home.
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How long will it take to build the home?

The average Owner Builder completes their home in about 10-12 months.
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How much does a new home cost?

The total cost to complete your new home is based on many factors that are specific to your particular project. As an owner-builder you can control many of the factors that determine the total cost.
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How much money can I save acting as an Owner-Builder?

It depends on many factors. Every construction project is different so there is no predetermined dollar value to your savings. However, the savings that we pass on to you because of our buying power should save you at least 15-25%
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I have never built a home, can I still qualify?

The average Owner-Builder completes their home in about 10-12 months. However, our lender provides a twelve month construction loan.
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What about your fees?

We charge a fee for our service. It’s by far the lowest in the industry. And we allow you the most flexibility in the industry to build exactly what you want to build. We even give you the names and web addresses of our competitors. Why? Because we’re not afraid to have you compare our services, our flexibility and our fees. When you do, we are certain that you will agree with us that we are your
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Where do I begin?

One of the first steps is to speak with one of our program coordinators at (936) 273-5650 or (936) 321-2552 to get educated on the Owner Builder program.
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Where do the savings come from?

The first amount you will save is off the builders' fee, which can range from 15-25%. The second way is by paying for exactly what you get. You will not have to pay for additional markups which the builder may include on labor and material. The third way you save is by making changes and upgrades at cost, the normal custom builder's upcharge is avoided.
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