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Looking for answers? Owner Builder Texas is here to help. We are available Monday through Friday to answer any question you have, email us or give us a call. Want to research a little more on your own first? Maybe some of these Frequently Asked Questions we have encountered will help you with some of the questions you may have about the owner builder process and how to get started.

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Do I have to own my land free and clear in order to qualify for your Owner Builder program?

No. If you still owe money on your land it is rolled into the construction loan at closing.
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How do I get qualified for a construction loan?

Simply fill out a pre-qualification form with our mortgage company (
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How do I know if I am qualified from a financial standpoint?

If you have good credit, 10% down (including land equity), an adequate appraisal and sufficient income, you should be in excellent shape. Call to schedule an appointment with our financial manager (936 )321-2701
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Who pays the bills?

You do! You have complete control over the money.
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Why should a person build their own home instead of getting a contractor to do it?

There are several reasons as to why they should build your own home. The most important is the amount of money you can save. By using an Owner Builder program, a homeowner can easily save 15 to 25% on the builder fee alone! We can also show you construction buying strategies to save money at national chains like Home Depot, etc.
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